Top 5 Reasons to Use Decorative Window Film

Should you consider decorative window film?

The short answer is yes.

As 21st century offices have changed with more open spaces and glass partitions, property owners and managers have had to adapt.  While general aesthetics have been enhanced, commercial buildings have become glass giants leaving room for massive improvement for the glass safety, appearance, and energy performance.

Decorative window film will help you solve privacy concerns, improve the energy efficiency of your building, and upgrade your office’s look and style.

Decorative window film on a New York City street
The decorative film at Vivvi Child Care Center adds to the building’s appealing aesthetic and draws pedestrians in.

Five reasons people are flocking to install decorative window film 

1. Privacy

Through using 3M Decorative Window Film, your office space will maintain its privacy and safety without sacrificing space or visibility. Our vast variety of Fasara Frosted and Gradient films can meet the needs of any project. Frosted window films can deliver extremely similar benefits to textured or etched glass, at a far lower cost. 3M Fasara finishes offer great privacy, while also improving the security and safety of your glass. It’s the best of all worlds!  

Whether it be to limit visibility into a conference room or to make keep a bathroom private, Decorative Window Film can significantly enhance your office.  

2. UV Protection

Amazingly, decorative window film also carries the same benefits of sun control window film!  They block 99.9% of all UV rays from entering your office, significantly limit glare, and extend the life of furniture.  This will surely make your tenants far more comfortable and far happier in the long term.

3. Aesthetics

Your plain glass is just that- plain!  While it may not be visually unappealing, any glass could use a nice touch-up.  Purchasing and installing etched, cut, sandblasted, or textured glass can carry extremely exorbitant costs. With 3M decorative window film, you can achieve any of these looks for a fraction of the cost. 

4. Customization

Decorative window film can absolutely be a canvas for the modern property manager. Even without the use of etched or sandblasted glass you can really change your glass’ look. Layr offers a variety of window film products including: 3M Fasara Frosted Window Films, 3M Fasara Gradient Window Films, and 3M Crystal Window Films.  Our commercial specialists will learn about your needs and design intent, and measure your glass, in order to recommend a specific product. 

We choose different films to solve different problems for our customers, some examples include: frosted films to improve privacy, textured film to create the image of etched glass, gradient film for the best possible views, and patterned to create graphics and logos.

5. Visibility

It can often be a challenge to notice a clear glass door, in an office filled with glass. As a property manager, making all glass readily seen should be on your to-do list.  Layr often installs distraction markers along with our decorative window film.   By applying these graphics you are making for a safer office, making your tenants aware of any and all glass around.

Image of glass with distraction markers
Visibility markers on glass at offices both complies with building codes and can help busy workers better navigate.

Interested in finding out more about decorative window film? Send us a message or visit our showroom in Manhattan.