How to Protect Your Home for a Safe Holiday Season

December 6, 2023

Every 15 seconds, a residential burglary occurs in the United States. Regrettably, the holiday season, known as the “most wonderful time of the year,” is also a period when home break-ins tend to rise. Whether people are away shopping or on holiday trips, burglars find opportune moments to strike. Adding to the risk, the holidays bring valuable gifts, providing an extra incentive for burglars. While the movie “Home Alone” may entertain with its happy ending, real-life break-ins are best left to fiction. This holiday season, ensure you take additional precautions to safeguard your home, allowing you and your family to enjoy a joyful and secure festive season.

Don’t Post Your Plans

Resist the temptation to broadcast your holiday plans on Instagram or Facebook, especially if it involves a tropical vacation. Even if it’s just a festive evening event, exercise caution in sharing details on social media until you’ve returned home. The audience for your posts may include unknown individuals, especially if your accounts lack privacy settings. Shockingly, 65.1% of people are acquainted with their thieves. If someone becomes aware that you and your family are away, it could be perceived as an open invitation for a break-in. Save the sharing of your enjoyable event or trip pictures for when you’ve safely returned home.

Make it Look Like Somebody’s Home, Even if Nobody Is

An unoccupied home serves as an open invitation for burglars. Regardless of whether you’re at home or not, create the illusion of occupancy. Keep some lights on or use timers to give the impression that someone is present. Promptly retrieve packages from the front porch and ensure your mailbox isn’t overflowing with mail. When away, enlist the help of a reliable neighbor or family member to gather your mail and packages. Avoid inadvertently tempting burglars by maintaining the appearance that your home is actively occupied, thereby discouraging criminal activity.

Lock Your Windows and Doors

Were you aware that a startling 34% of burglars manage to enter homes through the front door? Even in what seems to be the safest neighborhood, caution is paramount. Besides, the simplest yet effective precautionary measure you can take is ensuring windows and doors are securely locked. This seemingly small step can have a significant impact on your home’s safety. Additionally, consider reinforcing your entry points further for enhanced security.

While locking windows is a prudent measure, it might not entirely eliminate the risk of an intruder gaining access. In reality, determined individuals could easily shatter a window with a baseball bat or crowbar, swiftly breaching your home. Fortunately, there’s a holistic solution to fortify your home against this vulnerability — 3M Safety and Security Window Film. This advanced film acts as a protective barrier, offering an extra layer of defense against forced entries and enhancing the overall security of your residence. Consider this comprehensive solution to bolster your home’s safety measures effectively.

Invest in 3M Security and Safety Window Film

3M Safety and Security Film provides an additional layer of nearly invisible protection for glass windows and doors. Functioning as an adhesive, this film is uniquely engineered to stretch rather than tear. Consequently, if the glass is impacted, the 3M Safety and Security Window Film holds it together, creating a formidable barrier. This resistance makes it challenging for an intruder to breach the glass, potentially discouraging a break-in. Moreover, it can afford extra time for someone inside the residence to respond and alert the authorities in case of an attempted intrusion. Due to its virtual invisibility, the external appearance of your home remains unaffected. Beyond break-ins, this film also serves as a safeguard during natural disasters and enhances protection against bomb blasts.

For ensuring home safety, relying on hope alone isn’t enough. Take proactive measures to prepare, and let the efficacy of 3M Safety and Security Window Film take care of the rest. Secure your doors, ready your home, and consider investing in 3M Safety and Security Window Film for comprehensive protection, extending beyond the holiday season to safeguard your home throughout the entire year.