How To Eliminate UV Damage To The Interior Of Your Home

December 6, 2023

High-end framed one-of-a-kind works of art, upholstered couches, and refinished hardwood floors can create a personalized and trendy look inside any home’s interior. In fact, to create the most unique and custom spaces, homeowners spend thousands of dollars each year on the latest interior design trends. As furnishings aren’t cheap, it’s important to act quickly and protect your investment with indoor UV protection!

UV Rays: Harmful Indoors And Out!

Though most people associate UV ray damage with the outdoors, surprisingly enough, UV rays can enter a home through the windows. Most furnishings and flooring that get discolored or faded over time do so as a result of indirect UV damage. In fact, even visible light and solar heat can wreak havoc on different chemical compounds and cause indoor furnishings to prematurely age. In short, windows are great at letting in natural lighting, but they can also pose a potential threat to priceless art and furnishings.

How To Protect Your Investment Against UV Damage

Proper furniture placement is probably the easiest and most affordable way to protect your interior items from UV damage. Though you can’t completely eliminate the sun’s rays from inside of your home, you can minimize its detrimental effects on certain furnishings by limiting their exposure to it. It’s important to place furnishings in a manner where they aren’t touched by sunlight for longer periods of time.

It’s also possible to protect upholstery and drapes by using a UV protectant spray. There are many different brands of sprays available and they can help prevent undue damage. Lastly, blinds and other window coverings can also aid in minimizing the risks associated with interior UV damage.

Though drapes and blinds may seem like the best solution, they aren’t necessarily foolproof, either. In order for them to remain effective, they need to block out virtually all light entering your space— this can lead to other problems down the line! There’s no reason to have to choose between allowing natural light into your home or protecting your interior design elements. In fact, you can preserve everything as they are by investing in window film!

Window Films Allow Natural Light While Offering Protection

If you choose to use window films on your windows, you don’t have to reposition your furnishings or block out natural lighting in your space. Many brands (such as the 3M Prestige Series Window Film) have the ability to filter out 99.9% of UV rays while allowing up to 70% of all natural light to still filter through. This option mitigates the risk and damage associated with ultraviolet rays while prolonging the life of beloved furnishings, accessories, and artwork. UV protection films can also help protect your skin against damage while also reducing glare inside of the home and work to lower energy bills.

Window films are an affordable, convenient, and modern way to minimize UV damage to the interior of your home! The right film still allows natural light to filter through while prolonging the life of your artwork and accessories.