How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Large Commercial Structures 

December 6, 2023

Climate change has become a hotly debated topic in recent years. As we focus on bettering our environment, we are taking steps to reducing and understanding how greenhouse gas emissions play a role in climate change. Though science has shown us that many of our daily activities significantly contribute to greenhouse gasses, buildings are among the most notorious culprits. As a shocking fact, the state of New York’s buildings are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions! As an answer to this problem, legislators are working to force commercial buildings to lower their carbon footprints. To improve the effects of climate change, large cities across the nation need to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, or pay a hefty fine.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Legislation

Though legislation has been in the works for many years to force buildings to reduce their carbon footprints, New York needs to especially take action in 2024. To comply with the new laws and regulations, building owners need to address energy efficiency in their structures. In fact, carbon emission penalties and legislations will only become stricter down the line. In short, acting now to quickly address energy efficiency inside of buildings will eliminate problems years from now.

Considering the different lighting options is one of the simplest and most straightforward methods of dealing with large-scale energy efficiency in buildings. To reduce electricity usage, many buildings aren’t just eschewing incandescent bulbs in favor of LED bulbs, but also opting to install motion sensors.

Addressing energy inefficiencies in any sized building is a hard project to tackle. Where do you start? How do you procure the funding to make changes? For an affordable, simple, and straightforward step towards energy efficiency, consider window films!

Window Films Offer A Great Solution For Improving Energy Efficiency

Windows are one of the biggest culprits that contribute to excessive heating and cooling costs. In order to address the lack of energy efficiency in large buildings, 3M Window Film can help! In fact, windows can contribute to as much as 30% of unnecessary cooling costs during the summer months. This doesn’t just make it harder to moderate indoor temperatures, but the HVAC system needs to work overtime and double its efforts to cool the space. Replacing windows is a great solution, but it’s expensive and time-consuming, making it a not-so-viable option. Window films, on the other hand, can increase energy efficiency and are easy to install!

Energy Bills Are Instantly Lowered!

Windows offer expansive views, make interior spaces feel roomier, and they let in natural light. The real problem is, however, that very few windows are actually manufactured with efficiency in mind. They allow heat to escape in the winter and make indoor temperatures too warm in the summer. As a result of this inability to keep temperatures properly moderated, the HVAC system needs to double down and work much harder to heat or cool. This will, of course, result in higher energy costs for building owners. What makes 3M Window Film so effective is that it repels the infrared rays of the sun. Year-round efficiency is increased and improved by allowing the heat to stay indoors during winter and protecting against the warming rays of the sun during summer. 

A Non-Disruptive And Cost-Effective Answer To Legislation

Opting for window films is a great way to comply with legislation while also eliminating the costly and disruptive nature of replacing windows. A high-rise building has thousands of windows, and replacing each one is exorbitant in costs and highly disruptive to the tenants affected. Window films aren’t just wallet-friendly, but they’re quickly installed with ease!

Maintaining The Integrity Of Building Design

Buildings are designed to look a certain way, which is why 3M Films are a great solution for preserving the integrity of a building’s look and feel. You can also modernize a building by opting for tinted or shaded window films.

Investing in window films is a smart and cost-effective solution to energy efficiency legislation. It will enhance the look and feel of your structure while also allowing you to do what’s right for our environment.