Security Window Film’s Many Benefits for Autistic Families

May 22, 2020

Our company, Layr (formerly Shatter Shield Security), was initially introduced to the autistic community through a particularly engaging customer in New Jersey.  This customer expanded our horizons on Security Window Film’s benefits, extending well past the traditional use case of strengthened glass to prevent and deter forced entry.

It started with a specific problem; protecting autistic children from the danger posed by normal annealed glass during uncontrollable wandering.  In addition to these events being unsettling for families, glass doors and windows can break upon minor impact and create dangerous jagged glass shards.  The more we talked, the more natural the fit became, and so we were excited to participate in SafeMinds’ Fashion Rocks Autism event as a sponsor!  We had heard about the vibrant community and this event in particular, and were not disappointed!

Arriving in Baltimore from New York, we met with key leaders from SafeMinds, and began setting up our exhibit booth.  We met with local and national vendors – companies both small and large who were building awareness for apparel, health care, and household products, amongst others. After the exhibit opportunity ended, we transitioned towards the main event – the unforgettable fashion show and rock concert!

Though we were honestly a little worn out from our trip by 8:00 pm, we were instantly energized by High Voltage, the excellent, Baltimore-based AC/DC tribute band!  They covered all of the hits, and even some that we that didn’t know. 

The vibe was amazing; an engaged, enthusiastic crowd unified around a cause!  Male and female models walked the runway for hours, in what was ultimately an exciting and educational event.  We even spotted a few Baltimore Ravens in the crowd!

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