Layr Protects During Tragedy

May 22, 2020

Layr’s security window film is not bullet-resistant; that’s an entirely different investment category, well past $20,000 for the average home.  Layr does, however, help either delay or deter forced entry through strong, shatter-resistant glass.  A simple and effective example from 3M is embedded below:

This demonstration by 3M was performed on 1/4” tempered glass with an attachment system.  Bullets penetrate glass, but the overall window and frame remain intact, creating obstacles for potential intruders and saving precious time.  Buying time can save lives.

Delaying Forced Entry

Layr has provided similar levels of protection in real life and so we’re proud to share this sad, but important story.

Mary and Ulysses Jenkins purchased Layr’s security window film in 2015.  Initially purchased for windstorm protection, Layr helped protect the Jenkins from an accidental drive-by shooting.  This incident saw seven .45 caliber shots fired towards the front bay window; bullets penetrated, creating individual holes, but the overall glass structure remained intact.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, and overall destruction and damage limited, as flying glass shards were contained.

Layr is pleased to have protected the Jenkins during a tragic accident, and also invest back in their retirement home.  The new home’s ground floor windows were recently treated with Mighty film and Layr+.  Upstairs windows were treated with sun-control film to block UV rays and save on energy bills.

“The Jenkins are tremendous people – a retired schoolteacher and Vietnam veteran.  We were heartbroken to hear about the unfortunate incident but relieved that no one was hurt.  The entire team has enjoyed getting to know them and we were thrilled to re-invest in their new home’s security” – said Layr Founder and CEO, William Pulman.

“Our home of 35 years was the target of a drive-by shooting.  We had Layr installed about two years ago for high winds and debris, but were instead protected from flying glass when seven .45 caliber bullets struck our home.  Our picture window, which was stuck twice, remained intact.  There were no flying shards of glass that could have cause severe injuries or even death”, said Mary Jenkins of New Jersey.

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