How Much Money Does Layr Cost?

May 22, 2020

Getting to know us and getting to know you

If you’re reading this, then you know a little bit about Layr – we make glass stronger, safer and greener.

We leverage decades of 3M’s research to improve glass strength, block UV rays and reduce energy usage – among many other benefits.  We work six days a week, serving you, and even give back to communities.  We are licensed, insured, Better Business Bureau-accredited and backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranty.  Cool, right?

The next question, almost without fail, is “How much does Layr cost?”

The short answer: We can’t tell you over the phone because your home and needs are unique.

Our process is detailed and precise, so we need to assess your needs in-person.  We’ll share the below framework, and when you’re ready, just drop us a line to schedule a consultation.

Our process (in brief)

We always assess the needs of every job in-person. We start by taking measurements, taking photos, and talking with you. This is a process where the details matter.

During our consultation, we’ll ask you a series of questions. These questions might include:

  • Who made the windows and when were they replaced?
  • Where does the sun rise and set?
  • Where are your valuable paintings in relation to the sun?
  • Where do you watch TV?
  • Do you feel drafty, cold air from the windows?
  • Where do you have security cameras?

Once we have much more context, we can begin to assess the overall scope of your project.

We take into account the industry and your timeline. School security works differently than residential climate control; we often have different installation crews and schedules for each.

We can talk you through the various options to achieve your goals. We’ll explain all the options and show you how different films work on different types of glass. We take the time to go through the process since there is no one-size-fits-all window treatment. In fact, in color alone, our films can range from invisible to an 85% tint factor.  As we talk through our product line, we can hold up samples to your existing glass to show you what your new windows will look like.

After we understand all the specs and what you are looking for, we can deliver to you an exact written quotation with confidence. We’d love to earn your business, but understand that not every customer is ready – so, we’ll be here – no pressure.

So how much will I pay?

As to the actual cost? Across thousands of jobs, we can offer a few insights:

  • Our average job is about $2,000
  • Larger homes or businesses require an investment of closer to $5,000
  • In every case, Layr delivers excellent performance for a small fraction of the cost of replacement windows – up to 70% off
  • We offer flexible financing packages, which can take your monthly payment down to about $40 per month.

Whatever the need, we’re here to help.  Give us a call to get started today!