Security, Privacy, and Branding: Customizing Your Home or Business with Window Film

January 14, 2020

3M’s architectural window film makes glass stronger, safer and more energy-efficient, and so, some consider the product rather industrial in nature. What those same people may not recognize is window film’s more aesthetically pleasing nature; it can add interior privacy, decorative flair or even re-finish an entire building. These innovative products are perhaps best showcased at 3M’s headquarters in Minneapolis; 12 stories outfitted through decorative window film.

Window film can improve the aesthetics of any building; here is an example from a residential privacy option in New Jersey.

Here is an example from a commercial project; this client opted for a combination reflective security and privacy mirrored window film.

Here is an example of 3M’s patented Dichroic window film – it works by reflecting light fragments and completely refinishing a commercial interior.

However, where Layr sees the most interest from clients, architects, interior designers and contractors is around decorative window film, which can be frosted or etched, with designs or logos. You may walk by these films every single day, and just never notice all that is possible.

You’ll notice these films residentially on your street, where clients tint for privacy, or in bathrooms. You will have encountered frosted films in office environments to improve division of cubicles and in meeting rooms to heighten privacy.

And even on your main street, shop displays often using decorative window film to make their storefronts more appealing with decorative cut out designs and branding.

And once you begin to notice Layr’s decorative window film, you’ll begin to wonder about the possibilities within your own home.

One of the main queries customers come to Layr with is finding a way to improve the privacy or aesthetics of their home while maintaining their natural light, and decorative window film is the solution.

With options of frosted or etched finishes to a more artistic design, decorative window film can achieve a variety of looks, whatever your needs may be. Drop us a line to learn more about how Layr and 3M can reinvent any home or business.