All About Security Window Film

The incredible safety benefits of security window film

With the public so concerned about safety and security these days, it’s surprising that more people aren’t looking at Security Window Film and its protective features as a major solution. This is an incredibly effective product that cost industrial giants hundreds of millions of dollars to develop. Although Security Window Film is guaranteed, is proven to be effective, meets strict governmental standards, has the required accreditation and enjoys widespread industry support, there is still very little consumer awareness.

How security window film is made

Security Window Film is made of engineered polyethylene terephthalate and other exotic substrates to create a protective film 3 to 4 times thicker than automotive window tint. It is also fortified with cross-woven layers to prevent it from ripping apart and tearing. 3M, Eastman Chemical and other multi-billion dollar companies now manufacture Security Window Film in clear as well as tinted and frosted variations.

Also referred to as “fragment retention film”, Security Window Film was first installed in the 1970s to protect embassies worldwide from bomb blasts. The US Government has been using it for decades; most notably 3M’s Security Window Film prevented flying glass shards at the Pentagon during the tragic events on 9/11. Other high-profile structures that have the film installed include the White House, Sears Tower, Grand Central Terminal, the George Brown Building and many others.

What does this all mean? 

Security window film with an attachment system performs, well, just like this:

Here is another more extreme example, showing how security window film can delay or deter entry by say, an active shooter:

The highly-technical installation process

The film is first cut to measure before being professionally installed, which is usually on the interior of glass doors and windows. Installed with special tools and adhesives, the film creates an airtight mechanical bond.  Once bonded – after repeated impacts or an explosion, the film will hold the broken glass together without allowing any shards to escape. For added security, the glass and film can be secured to the window frame using an attachment system that will hold the frame, glass, and window together during a blast. This security upgrade creates a federal-grade, shatter-resistant shield on glass doors and windows.

Other benefits of security window film

This protective shield offers many other safety and security benefits aside from bomb blast protection:

  • Prevents and deters burglaries
  • Protects businesses from smash and grab robberies
  • Protects property from flying debris and water during windstorms and hurricanes
  • The list goes on and on

Security Window Film basically keeps bad people, bad weather, and other bad things from getting inside a building. Additionally, this protective film retains the core benefits of sun-control film, which first became widely used in the early 2000s:

  • Blocks dangerous UV rays, which can cause cancer and fade interiors
  • Reduces uncomfortable hot spots inside the building
  • Tinted versions reduce the transfer of solar energy while improving privacy
  • Lowers energy use and the added cost of air conditioning

3M manufactures the Security Window Film that Layr installs, which has decades of government proof points, comes with a lifetime warranty from 3M, and sells for a fraction of what you would pay for comparable laminated glass.

You may be asking yourself why you haven’t heard of it.  Most dealers are smaller organizations and have had trouble broadly marketing the product. When people think about security they think of ADT, not realizing that there are other preventative measures.

Our vision is to raise awareness of all the benefits that Security Window Film offers, whether it is to protect your home, family and friends or your business and customers. You can give us a call 24/7 or click online for more information or to get a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to upgrade the security at your home or business. Remember, Layr is your first and last Layr of security, offering federal-grade protection for your home!

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