Joyce Snyder


Glad I chose Layr for my problem: Newly upholstered sofa near window fading from direct sunlight. Daniel from Layr came the day after I called them to measure and offer a variety of window film solutions. He was nice and knowledgeable. Gave me a decent quote, so done deal. Very soon Ruben the installer came. Picture shows Ruben picking off a cat hair…boy is he detailed and professional! You can’t even tell the film is on my window and I still get plenty of sunlight! I’d originally called Prestige who asked for measurements, pictures, etc. I emailed this to the address they suppled but no response from Prestige. When I called Prestige about this, I was told they gave me the email for commercial. They then gave me the email for residential, where I sent the same pix and specs and after over a week, no response from Prestige. I think they are too busy with big commercial jobs. So if you’re residential do Layr instead. I couldn’t be more pleased!