What to Expect With Layr’s Consultation Process

May 22, 2020

Once a potential customer has expressed an interest in Layr, their next logical question moves to “how much does Layr cost?” The short answer is that it depends on the size and type of your windows, and the specific pain point that we are solving. 200 square foot residential windows are going to price differently than 2,000 square foot commercial windows. Dark, reflective solar films cost less than micro-layered security films, and in turn, less than the patented 3M prestige films that perform while leaving your windows aesthetics virtually unchanged. We sell a small handful of 3M films, but have had requests for everything from radio frequency-blocking, to switchable and decorative film for privacy. Here is an illustrative example of how we approach specific jobs for clients:

Residential Video Example:


Commercial Video Example:


Institutional Video Example:


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